Titanium Facts

3 AL/ 2.5 V 

All our frames are made from aerospace grade 3AL/2.5V Titanium, which contains 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This offers the perfect balance
of strength and plasticity for use in thin-walled bicycle tubing. 

Titanium Use

The 3Al/2.5V Titanium alloy we use was developed for use in high pressure hydraulic lines and is found on virtually all new military and commercial

Type of Tubing

We use two types of tubing to make our frames: cold-worked, drawn, seamless tubing and seamless hydroformed butted. Both types of tubing create
extremely strong, lightweight frames, but the seamless hydroformed butted tubing is even lighter and more durable. Only our very best bikes are
made from this tubing.

Environmentally Friendly

Once produced, Titanium is an environmentally friendly metal. All of the scrap we generate through the manufacturing process can be fully recycled.


Titanium is twice as strong as aluminium and half the weight of steel.


Titanium has an incredibly high tolerance and will maintain the same properties up to 600°C.

Production Process

Titanium’s extreme oxygen reactivity (the same process that makes it so impervious to corrosion) makes production of the seamless tubes a very
long and expensive process – hence the premium price tag.

Other Industries

Despite being developed primarily for aerospace applications, Titanium is now used in numerous industries. Marine, architectural, medical and
petrochemical industries all regularly make use of Titanium components, and you can also find its magical properties gracing consumer goods like golf
clubs and jewellery.


Titanium is so-called after the Titans of Greek mythology, symbols of immense strength.

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